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Prevent Pregnancy


Easy Natural Birth Control With Cyclotest

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All you have to do is check the monitor's home screen. PINK days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile.


With this precise understanding of your fertile window, you can use a barrier method to prevent pregnancy, or express intimacy in other ways during PINK days. The rest of the month you can have unprotected sex, without worrying about pregnancy.




use cyclotest to plan or prevent pregnancy

Knowledge Is Power


Pregnancy can occur during a short window of time known as the 'fertile window.'



The fertile window includes the approximatly 24 hours of ovulation when an egg is viable + the 5 days preceding ovulation that sperm can live inside the uterus, waiting for ovulation to begin. Identifying the fertile window is the key to natural birth control.



Typical birth control methods can have negative effects on your entire life. Why medicate non-stop if the risk of pregnancy only lasts 7 days?


Cyclotest unlocks the secrets of your cycle and your fertility window, giving you freedom to make powerful decisions about your body.


Say 'No' To Synthetic Hormones & The Pill



find fertile days with cyclotest



Hormonal birth control turns off the dynamic functioning of your ovaries, reproductive hormones, and menstrual cycle, replacing it with artificial hormones and a withdrawal bleed that is similar— but not the same— as a period.


While turning off the reproductive system is an effective way to prevent pregnancy, the short-term side effects and long-term health risks are worrying.


Women should not be forced to sacrifice health and wellbeing for the sake of birth control.


With Cyclotest, natural family planning is not only possible, it's easy, and reliable!


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    • Accurate, easy to use, and multipurpose fertility monitor.
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