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cyclotest english language fertility monitor

Class II Certified Medical Device

For over thirty years, Cyclotest has been on the forefront of advancements specialized field of fertility and technology. Cyclotest first broke ground with advanced thermometers specially developed for tracking BBT temperatures in relation to natural family planning.


Cyclotest research continued to progress as leading German Natural Family Planning experts and computer scientist united to create a user friendly device that would intelligently analyze temperatures and other fertility indicators. The resulting Cyclotest fertility monitor is powered with a proven mathematical algorithm that you rely on to effortlessly display your daily and monthly fertility statues.


This patented Cyclotest technology underwent rigorous testing resulting in the official certification of a medical device conforming to the directive 93/42/EEC. Cyclotest fertility monitors are officially Class II medical devices that meet all of the highest German and European standards.


Mathematical Algorithm


Cyclotest fertility monitors are packed with a mathematical algorithm that is is the result of over 30 years of accumulated research and development. The intelligent algorithm processes the information you give it to learn your personal cycle to give you a monthly fertile window and daily fertility status.


The Cyclotest algorithm is centered around YOU.


It doesn't compare your cycle to other women's cycles and doesn't make guesses based on average cycles.


This is YOUR information, calculated for YOUR cycle, resulting in a tailored understanding of YOUR unique body.


cyclotest english language fertility monitor

cyclotest english language fertility monitor

Symtothermal Method (This ain't the Rhythm Method)

A 2004 German-based study showed the Symtothermal method of fertility tracking to be 99.6% accurate in identifying ovulation. Cyclotest is the only fertility monitor on the European market that allows you to use the Symtothermal method.


So what is Symtotermal fertility tracking? It's the practice of tracking your bodily symptoms, ie, cervical mucus or LH hormone, plus your BBT temperature to gain a precise understanding of your monthly fertile and infertile phases.


Because many methods and fertility apps are based on overgeneralizations or weak science, cycle tracking is often perceived as unreliable. Cyclotest fertility monitors change the rules of the game, so you can confidently make decisions based on absolute understanding of your body's cycle.


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Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. Cyclotest Monitores para la Planificación Familiar Natural
    Price (Inc. VAT):
    • Take your daily temperature: your fertile and infertile days are calculated automatically
    • Advanced algorithm tracks & predicts your fertility window
    • Homescreen with your daily fertility status makes understanding your body effortless
    • German design and engineering, certified 2b class medical device
    • 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty; Free access to start-up call and support hotline

    Rely on Cyclotest to unlock the secrets of your fertility so you can plan or avoid pregnancy completely naturally.

    Take your temperature under your tongue every morning and Cyclotest automatically displays your current fertility status. PINK days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile. With that knowledge, you're now officially in the driver’s seat.

    Cyclotest fertility monitors are fueled by over 30 years of accumulated research and development by the top Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness experts in Germany.

    Tight Budget? No Problem. Get the same high-level accuracy and error-proof integrated thermometer with the basic Cyclotest 2 Plus fertility monitor.

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