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Buy Cyclotest Fertility Monitors

cyclotest english language fertility monitor

Wake. Temp. Have Sex.

Cyclotest fertility monitors allow you to harness cutting edge reproductive technology to plan or prevent pregnancy without artificial hormones or invasive procedures.

There are only about seven days out of the month that you can become pregnant. With Cyclotest you always know what your body is up to, so you can plan or prevent pregnancy naturally.

First, take your temperature under your tongue each morning. Then, check the monitor's home screen.

PINK days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile. With that knowledge, you are officially in the driver's seat.

Integrated Thermometer

Taking your temperature every morning under your tongue is the key to identifying subtle hormonal changes that make you fertile or infertile.

You want a thermometer that is highly accurate and comfortable to use. And because your data transfers from the thermometer to the device for automatic analysis, there is no risk of typos or errors.

You can simply roll over, take your temperature, and allow Cyclotest to analyze and display your personalized fertility information.

No big deal.

cyclotest english language fertility monitor

cyclotest accurate

Advanced Algorithm

This is no old fashioned rhythm method or untested fertility app.

Revel in the security of Cyclotest’s advanced scientific algorithm.

Cyclotest analyzes your unique daily temperature to give you a specific and tailored understanding of your fertility.

Even better, you can easily add more information —such as LH hormone levels or cervical mucus consistency — to increase the reliability to an outstanding 99.6%.

Cyclotest is backed by over 30 years of precise German research, fully integrated into a simple monitor you know you can trust.

Choose Your Monitor

Cyclotest myWay vs. Cyclotest 2 Plus

Cyclotest myWay is the new standard for an accurate, secure, and multipurpose fertility monitor. The touchscreen interface gives you the option of seeing your daily fertility status, plus access to a wellspring of optional holistic health information.

View instant fertility graphs, track fertility symptoms, and even receive a warning of hormone insufficiencies that could lead to difficulty conceiving.

Cyclotest 2 Plus makes accurate fertility charting accessible to all. This stripped down monitor is based on the same algorithm as the myWay, with your cycle information displayed in a simple linear format, and icons displaying your daily fertility status.

cyclotest english language fertility monitor