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I Want To Avoid Pregnancy


Cyclotest 2 Plus

simple fertility tracking

  • Basic Is Beautiful. Classic Fertility Monitor With Proven Reliability.
  • Automatically Calculates The Fertile & Infertile Phases In Your Cycle.
  • It's Not Complicated! Simple Graphics and Liner Display Indicating Your Fertile Window.
  • Reliability Up'd To 99% With The Click Of A Button
  • Be Green. Save Green. Most Economical Monitor On The Market.

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Cyclotest MyWay

fertility monitor

  • Same Proven Cyclotest Reliability With Enhanced Touchscreen Interface
  • MyPlan Additional Features For Even Deeper Understanding Of Your Cycle. Skin Care Indications, BMI Index, Sexual Actively Tracker & More.
  • Option Of Alarm Clock + LED Lit Thermometer Reminding You To Take Your Temperature
  • See Everyday On Display. Daily Info Screen, Calendar View, Cycle History, And Color Coded Graphs

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I Want A Baby!


Cyclotest Baby

simple fertility tracking

  • It's All About The Timing! Baby Making Can Only Occur 6 Days Out Of The Month.
  • 99% Effective In Finding Your Exact Ovulation Date.
  • No Urine Test Strips = No Hidden Costs.
  • It's Not Complicated! Simple Graphics and Liner Display Indicating Your Fertile Window.
  • Need Some More Help? Lots Of Downloadable Graphs and Information To Bring To Your Doctor

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Cyclotest MyPlan

fertility monitor

  • All The Benefits Of Cyclotest Baby With A Supercharged Touchscreen Experience
  • Clinically Tested Reliability
  • Avoid Medical Interventions Through Precise Knowledge Of Your Fertility Window
  • Happy Mama Happy Baby. Additional My Plan Features Like Mood Tracker and BMI Calculator.
  • Smart Science Gives You advance Warning Of Possible Ovarian Insufficiency.

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What Does Sympto-Thermal Mean And Why Is It So Important

cyclotest fertility monitor

The Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness combines basal body temperature (BBT) observations, cervical mucus, and sometimes cervical positioning. You are tracking your symptoms and temperature, hence the name "Sympto-Thermal."


The Symto-Thermal method of tracking ovulation is the most reliable of the many methods for tracking ovulation. Cyclotest 2 Plus is the only contraceptive monitor that enables the user to input two symptoms into the monitor, giving it its trademark 99% reliability, and making it the most accurate monitor available.


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An Accurate Thermometer For Accurate Fertility Charting

ovulation thermometer

Although many women turn to fertility monitors to automatically create their fertility charts, a number of women still enjoy the process of manually charting. When using this method, their are two important factors to keep in mind. Number one, you must always make sure you are precise and deliberate in your charting. Number two, its critical that the thermometer you use to take your BBT is accurate.

Once you have the tools to take an accurate temperature reading, be sure you know exactly how to plot your chart. Its a rewarding process, but one that takes time as you learn this valuable new skill.


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Cyclotest 2 Plus Contraceptive Monitor: A Unique Symto-Thermal Monitor

natural contraception with cyclotest

Cyclotest contraceptive monitors are the premier contraceptive monitors on the market today. Deceptively small and convenient for such a versatile device, this powerhouse package is your key to successful Natural Family Planning.


It is built with the busy women in mind, with small details like an alarm, a built in thermometer, and an intuitive, clear display that marks your fertility window.


With out true understanding of your fertility cycle, most forms of birth control require you to be in a contraception phase the entire month, even when you are actually incapable of becoming pregnant.Cyclotest 2 Plus gives you information about your fertility, and then let's you decide when to take extra contraceptive precaution.


Cyclotest is even helpful when you decide you'd like to try for a pregnancy. By pinpointing your highly fertile days, you can time sex around ovulation in order to increase your chances of conception. And when your fertility returns again after childbirth, your Cyclotest can once gain be used for natural, hormone free birth control.


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Conceive Naturally With Cyclotest Baby Fertility Monitor

get pregnant with cyclotest baby

Whether you have been trying to conceive for a while and would like to avoid IVF or other invasive fertility treatments, or you've just decided to start on the journey to parenthood, the Cyclotest Baby fertility monitor can help.


This monitor features intuitive display screens, a built in thermometer, and USB connectivity. The ability to easily download your fertility charts gives you a bounty of information should you ever need to show them to your Doctor or a fertility expert. And after you are cradling your little bundle of joy in your arms, the Cyclotest Baby easy converts into you all natural birth control plan. All with one little device!


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